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about us

I decided to make my own dog treats about ten years ago because of the health scare to dogs from eating store bought treats. The industry doesn’t seem to be very well regulated and too many dogs were getting sick and even dying from store bought dog food and treats. I always gravitated to the pastry department in Culinary School, this may be an extension of that desire.

We source all natural, whole ingredients. The treats are non-GMO. Most of our products consists of five or less ingredients. Believe it not, all treats are edible for humans. This is something we keep in mind when we are creating the flavoring and recipes.

The treats are named after my rescue dog, Coco Chanel. She is part dachshund and part we don’t know who her daddy is. She is very afraid of some people and loud noises. She has been working with Aaron McDonald, a dog trainer on her social anxiety. She is highly motivated by food, needless to say, she loves her treats!

Currently we are working on Coco’s kisses, a dog friendly carob, and safe chocolate option for special occasions. Making and producing the line of biscuits is very much a hobby and passion of mine. My goal is eventually to quit my job and start a dog food company. My next act, after the restaurant business, is starting a dog food company.

As a board member and Vice President of Hand in Paw, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Hand in Paw. Hand in Paw is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Birmingham, Al. Their mission is to improve human health and well-being through animal-assisted therapy. My dog Nigel, a rescue from Cavalier Rescue of Alabama, will be training to be a therapy dog.

Bone Appetite,



The Treats



Feed as a treat.

Simple Ingredients

  • Whole wheat flour
  • All purpose flour
  • Rolled oats
  • All-Natural Peanut Butter (roasted peanuts, wheat germ, flax seed, cane sugar, egg whites, honey, flaxseed oil)
  • Milk


Store in a cool, dry place guaranteed analysis

  • Crude protein 18%
  • Crude fat 12%
  • Crude fiber 2%
  • Moisture 5%

MADe in Alabama, USA

My dog loves three things: catching frisbees at the lake, morning walks, and Miss Coco’s One Lucky Dog Treats.
— Nate Schmidt



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